Change management: Learning the secrets of success.

Posted on: 22/11/2017

Change management: Learning the secrets of success.

Change management: Learning the secrets of success.

Change management: Learning the secrets of success. Have you ever wondered why most change programmes fail and what you can do to reduce the risk of this happening in your business?


In order to know how to ensure a successful change management programme, you need to really understand what change is.


So, first things first, what is change?


Change is the one-stop-shop, catch-all word that describes the impact that comes from new strategic directions, new technologies and new contexts. It describes the transition to a new stage of business and the management practices that are used in order to land there.


Landing change can be difficult, but it’s achievable once you understand the process and practises.


In our upcoming event, Francesca Valli, who has managed multi-million-pound programmes and delivered trackable change, will be talking through her experiences in change management and the processes that she used to in order generate a solid return on investment.


During her career, Francesca has worked in Europe, the US and Asia. She sits as a non-executive director on the board of Front M and serves on the NSPCC Board’s fundraising sub-committee and on their National Volunteer Board.


Collaboration and productive partnerships are key elements of her approach, and part of her success is based on identifying leader-allies and aligning stakeholder to transformation goals.


We’re thrilled that she will be joining us at our event and excited to find out her secrets to change management success!


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