How HR is preparing for digital transformation.

Posted on: 13/09/2017

The world of work is changing and we are truly living in the digital revolution. Given the impact digital has on people and how they work, HR professionals have a lead role to play. However, how does HR prepare for a change as big as the digital transformation?


Shifting any industry towards a digital business model is something that requires fundamental changes to central operating models, organisational processes and the day-to-day operations of its employees.

One of the largest challenges facing HR is a cultural resistance towards change.


What can HR professionals do to handle this?


In order to help companies engage with new technologies and working practices, HR must work with business leaders and board executives to ensure a smooth delivery of these changes:


  • Establish an effective communication channel when fostering these changes, providing opportunities for open conversation with employees.


  • Engage leadership teams to drive cultural changes within an organisation, as these alterations will be far more impactful when enforced by other individuals besides HR.


  • Ensure that companies retain their key talent. This can be done through the implementation of comprehensive strategies that keep highly talented individuals engaged and committed to the successful digital transformation of your company.


Whether companies are ready or not, digital technologies are here to stay. HR must step forward as a key enabler of change, it has a crucial role to play in helping to overcome the barriers.