Introducing Natasha

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the re:find team: Natasha Ferguson our Talent Manager. Natasha has been in the communications sector for over 10 years and now specialises in diverse recruitment and acquisition. Throughout her career as a journalist, editor and public relations consultant, she has focused on building clients’ reputation, brand visibility, thought leaders and for the past three years driving inclusive and meaningful change across organisations.

What will you be doing at re:find?

As a new backbone for the business, my role is to work end to end with clients to provide a seamless service. I pride myself on building sustaining relationships externally while bridging our internal team at all points of our delivery process, to ensure that we produce exceptional results.

Why re: find?

With this role being new to re:find, the opportunity to make it my own was one I could not pass up. Over the past year, the topic of diversity, equality and inclusion has echoed throughout every organisation and across all industries. This has required the recruitment and acquisition sector to understand where the gaps are when we talk about representation within underrepresented groups. Then, think about what needs to be done to support companies in becoming more equitable for the future.

The re:find team have not only embraced my expertise but want to innovate a new way of ensuring we deliver a richer service, where my experience in this area elevates our way of working and our client’s goals and objectives.

What is it like being a part of team re:find?

The team are just what I need for where I am in life and my career. Their “family first” value is one that I respect sincerely and has allowed us as a team to connect on a deeper level. Authenticity is not as accessible as it used to be and I appreciate that I can bring my full authentic self to work here – which ultimately allows me to perform at the optimum level.

Natasha Ferguson is our Talent Manager. For all thing’s pertaining to diverse recruitment and acquisition email her at