Food and drink that let me know it’s Christmas!

Posted on: 20/12/2019

At this time of year, there are certain foods and drinks that let me know it’s Christmas. It also probably reveals my age, as the ‘kids’ probably won’t understand the excitement about these things – they are somewhat nostalgic!


So, here’s the down-low on my favourite Christmas treats:



To the uneducated eye, this looks like a bottle of egg yolks.

To those who know, it is the key ingredient for Snowballs! Mainly seen at Christmas, but as a teenager, this was the drink my Grandad used to make me all-year-round! Yes, my parents let me drink from the age of 14, get over it. I was an 80’s child, and now I’m practically T-Total so their tactics worked. However, at Christmas, I cannot resist this!


Chocolate covered Brandy Snaps

These are like Christmas crack! As a child, my mum always brought out the chocolate covered brandy snaps with our Christmas night buffet, and I always got in trouble for taking all the white chocolate ones. I get bought a box every year now, and they are lucky if they make it to Boxing Day!


Mint Viennetta

I hate Christmas Pudding. There, I said it.

I’m pretty sure I am not alone. Sadly, it is one of the things that I have not grown to like as I’ve got older. So, instead of Christmas Pudding, I have always had Mint Viennetta as dessert. We did divert slightly to the Morrissons version of Viennetta in Toffee for a while (a.k.a Toffeelicious) But in the end, we came back to Mint Viennetta.


Cinzano & lemonade

This was the second alcoholic drink I discovered I liked as a teenager. And I discovered it on Christmas day. I literally don’t know anyone else who likes Cinzano, hell, I don’t even like it any more! I enjoyed it one Christmas Day and then it was never the same again. Weird!

However, my mum buys it every Christmas as it is my Great Aunt’s fave. Every year when I see it it reminds me of that one Christmas.


Homemade Chrismas cake

Now I am going to preface this by saying I don’t like Christmas cake. Shocking, right? I actually don’t like any traditional Christmas foods – that includes mince pies.

However, every year, my mum makes a Christmas cake. She starts it in October and feeds it alcohol right up until Christmas day. One slice and you will be p***ed for a week!


What are your favourite foods that you only get at Christmas, or that remind you of Christmas past?


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