Recruiting millennial’s: how to recruit, train and motivate

Posted on: 27/10/2017

Recruiting millennial's: how to recruit, train and motivate

Recruiting millennial’s: how to recruit, train and motivate.

Recruiting millennial’s: how to recruit, train and motivate. In my opinion, the most difficult part of the recruitment process is at the very beginning. The actual recruiting.


With so many opportunities at millennials fingertips, you need to stand out against your competitors in an overcrowded online landscape in order to ensure these aspiring youngsters that it’s your business they want to work for.


When recruiting at this level, I always believe that it’s beneficial to put yourself in the candidate’s shoes so that you can understand what their aspirations of working for a company may be.


To attract the best millennial talent, you need to show your commitment to them and the fact that you can develop them through a structured training programme that will enable them to succeed within the company. Doing this will also ensure that you retain these recruits once they have been trained.


In order to conduct a successful training programme, you need to set out your employee’s goals from the start, find out what they want to achieve within the company, and set realistic timescales of how quickly they can achieve them.


Set them a task of developing a business plan which outlines what they would like to achieve within a three-year programme, and have regular one to one’s with them to discuss any concerns you or they may have and areas for development.


Communications is key – providing regular ongoing feedback will increase their confidence and motivation, and subsequently, their desire to succeed will develop as they progress through the programme.


Understanding the individuals is the key to training. You need to understand what makes them tick, what they feel they need additional support with and what their frustrations are. If you can understand this part, then it makes a huge difference when providing them with additional training.


Give some constructive criticism whilst praising their strengths, as most likely this could be one of their first jobs in the real world, and may not have had to deal with such direct criticism previously.


Most of all, make them feel wanted, and keep giving them additional responsibility, as they will no doubt want to be kept on their toes at such an early stage of their career!


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