So, what’s with all the cow puns?

Posted on: 10/11/2017

So, what’s with all of the cow puns?

So, what’s with all of the cow puns?

So, what’s with all the cow puns? Okay, I’ll say it… I have a cow fetish!


Well, fetish may not be the right word, maybe love or appreciation would be better? And not in a weird way I hasten to add…


But what the hell do cows (and cow puns!) have to do with recruitment anyway? I’ve been asked this a quite few times recently given our new website launch.


You may have been wanting to ask this yourself if you’ve seen our social media recently (we’ve been udderly obsessed with cow puns!)


The answer is, well, not a lot I suppose…So then, what’s with the cow that’s currently taking pride of place at the top of our new website?


Well, unbeknown to most people, my family are Scottish dairy farmers! My family continue to run a few farms up on the West Coast. So, you could say it’s in the blood. But even though working in recruitment is a far cry from the fields of Scotland, I’ve never fully left behind my admiration for these fantastic animals.


(Even my favourite artist is cow themed… A lady called Caroline Shotton, you can check out her work here:


So that explains all the cows. Anyway, most other search firms are set in their ways (and are severely lacking in any sort of wordplay), but as you already know we like to do things differently here at re:find! No Bull, No big sell, No nonsense – just a few cow puns!


We do executive search that’s simple, honest…and with a bit more pizazz.


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