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In this edition of In:site, we speak to Philip Alexander, CEO and Co-Founder of Mentorial. Philip started his career with the UN, and then as a Strategy Consultant in Accenture’s Human Capital practice. He then left corporate life to be Head of Talent, Strategy and Operations at a leading Venture Capital backed healthcare technology company. Last year he set up his own company, Mentorial, an innovative Career Development Platform to help HR work as well for staff as it does for companies.

He curates a weekly Global Startup Digest on HR and Employee Experience and very much has his finger on the pulse of London’s HR tech scene and today he highlights five other companies to look out for.

London’s hottest HR tech companies:

London has a thriving scene for world-class HR technology companies.

Below are five startups helping companies of all sizes with their biggest challenges:


Bob sorts the people management for businesses who love their staff. It’s a new platform that brings together HR administration (including leave & absence management, automatic reporting, task workflows, etc.) with benefits management and employee engagement. Although that’s a lot to fit into one tool, they’ve worked hard to create a simple and attractive user interface. They want to be HR software that people actually like using.

Some of the key features that makes Bob different is the Club view – allowing HRs and employees to see information about the people within the company (like hobbies) as dynamic visual columns – and their digital benefits store using the existing data in the platform to help find and administer staff benefits in an easy way. This is particularly helpful when it comes to pension’s auto-enrolment.

Having launched in June, they already have 500+ businesses who have registered with them and are getting positive feedback on the basis of time-saving and usability – on both the HR and employees’ sides. Bob also has an exciting product roadmap, not least of which is to change the way that employees engage with their workplace benefits.


CultureAmp is working with some of fastest growing and innovative companies, from Slack to Adobe, to use real data and validated insights on their people. They work with over 500 companies across the world to survey their staff on engagement, onboarding, exits, pulse surveys, or specialised surveys backed up by world-class organisational psychology insights. Culture Amp takes running an employee survey and combines it with a great user experience and powerful analytics.

They have recently launched a performance review tool which collects feedback from managers and their employees to help individuals, teams and managers better figure out where they can improve. Employee Effectiveness aims to ask questions the way people would say them in real life. It also doesn’t use ratings and scores.


Onfido is a rapidly expanding company which uses machine learning technology to perform background checks. Candidates enter basic information through a website and this enables them to perform basic background checks in seconds, followed by more rigorous checks as needed.

They are able to integrate Onfido with corporate HR systems through their API to create a seamless experience for users and companies. They are able to use their technology to learn more about fraud patterns to identify quickly when people are trying to hide their backgrounds in more sophisticated ways.

Their mission is to build a “trust engine” that can be used to verify employees across any business scenario, from people creating funding pages on JustGiving, to accelerating the hiring of contractors.

Move Guides

Move Guides is based out of London and San Francisco, and is a market leader in talent mobility software. Their cloud solution acts as a one-stop-shop for companies, employees and vendors, from shipping, immigration and more. This enables HR departments to help staff move geography more easily, with a better employee experience.

Not only is it easier for companies and staff, but they claim to reduce total costs by up to 10% against traditional relocation management companies.


Lystable is platform that allows companies to easily manage their contingent labour, from onboarding to payment. It has gained significant traction in the market, with customers including The Economist, Google, ASOS and AirBnB, and over 20,000 freelancers and vendors on the platform.

With the rapid increase in freelancers working in large organisations, Lystable is built for the on-demand economy. On this one platform, companies can onboard contractors, conduct background screens, assign them to projects, record feedback and invoice.

They have attracted funding from Peter Thiel among others, and are expanding their presence in London as well as San Francisco.

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