What does chemistry have to do with recruitment?

In my case, chemistry was at the heart of the recruitment company I started nearly 5 years ago.

My degree was in organic chemistry, the main purpose of the degree was to make a chemical called Chrysanthemic acid. Now, you weren’t just measured on succeeding in making it, but on the purity of the final chemical that was made, as well as the % amount that you made from the starting chemicals.

This meant that you had to work out the processes needed to make this more effective – i.e. you needed a more refined process.


“Developed or improved so as to be precise or subtle.”

When launching my business, people were always saying how poor recruitment firms were and that they didn’t do a great job. I didn’t want my firm to be perceived in the same light.

I took the decision to launch a business that would continually try to improve and refine what it did until it became refined (refind!)

Now, unfortunately, someone had taken the web domain I wanted, so it made sense to think of an alternative, hence the name refind (Well we do find candidates after all.)

And so re:find was born…

To chat to me about re:find you can email me on James@refind.co.uk.

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