Transforming the HR Function at a Global Pharmaceutical Business

Client: Confidential (Global Pharmaceutical Business)

Duration: 2 Years

Objective: To reshape the HR function for a global pharmaceutical company, enabling it to better support the business’s strategic objectives and drive significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Overview: Our client, a leading global pharmaceutical business, engaged us to assist their Chief People Officer in a comprehensive transformation of their HR team.

The goal was to modernise and optimise their HR operations, ensuring they were aligned with the company’s long-term strategic vision.


  • Outdated HR processes and systems
  • Lack of consistency in terms and conditions across different regions
  • Inefficient organisational structure
  • Need for specialised leadership within HR functions

Solution: We embarked on a 2-year transformation program, collaborating closely with the Chief People Officer to reshape the HR team. Our approach included:

  1. Talent Acquisition:
    • Placed key leadership roles including Divisional HR Director, Head of Reward, Head of Talent, HR Transformation Team, Organisation Design Specialist, and HR Programme Manager.
    • Ensured these leaders were aligned with the strategic vision and had the expertise to drive change.
  2. Harmonisation of Terms and Conditions:
    • Standardised employment terms and conditions across all regions to ensure fairness and consistency.
    • Our team worked with legal and compliance teams to navigate local labour laws and regulations.
  3. Implementation of New HR Systems:
    • Introduced and integrated several new HR systems, including ERP, Payroll and Time and Attendance management.
    • Enhanced data accuracy and accessibility, leading to better decision-making and resource management.
  4. Complete Organisational Redesign:
    • Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing organisational structure.
    • Redesigned the organisation to improve efficiency, including supporting redundancy programme, and better alignment with the company’s strategic goals.
  5. Change Management and Training:
    • Developed and executed a change management strategy to ensure smooth transitions.
    • Provided training and support to employees to adapt to new systems and processes.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined HR processes resulted in significant time savings and improved operational efficiency.
  • Improved Consistency: Harmonised terms and conditions led to greater fairness and consistency across the organisation.
  • Modernised HR Function: The introduction of new HR systems modernised the HR function, providing better data and insights.
  • Stronger Leadership: The placement of specialised HR leaders ensured that the HR team was well-equipped to support the company’s strategic objectives.


Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully transformed the HR function of a global pharmaceutical business, enabling it to better support its strategic goals and drive significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.



This transformation not only enhanced the HR team’s capabilities but also positioned the company for continued growth and success in a competitive industry.


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