What you get from us

Joining the team at re:find should feel relaxed and fun, but also challenging and rewarding.

We have a different operating model than most recruitment businesses, almost all of our roles are client focused and have no sales elements or financial targets. As an example your role will likely be focused in one of the following areas; research, talent management, client delivery or customer success.

Our internal targets are focused on outputs, not inputs, with a qualitative element, at the top of our agenda.

You will be given the relevant training and support you need and you will be trusted to do the job you’re paid to do. We each take ownership of our role and are encouraged to develop, so we advise our colleagues, clients and candidates, to get the best possible outcomes.

We hope that here at re:find you can find a career path that suits your personal needs and that plays to your individual strengths.

  • Flexible working arrangements; we have always been set up for agile working, because we trust our employees to do the job they’re paid to do.
  • Career progression: all our employees have a development plan and get support to achieve their goals.
  • Training – we will fund an industry-leading training scheme for research professionals.
  • Private medical insurance.
  • 25 days per year holiday.
  • Bonus scheme.
  • The chance to work with some of the best brands in the world.

Our brand values

Our values set us apart from the rest of the market and allow us to provide amazing experience for both employees and customers.

  1. We challenge each other to do better: internally and externally using our knowledge to push back if we don’t think something is right.
  2. We are authentic: we have our brand tone as a base level, but the freedom to be ourselves at work.
  3. We are proactive: we don’t wait to be told to do things, we plan ahead and push things forward ourselves.
  4. We take personal responsibility: we go the extra mile in our role, for our own personal development and the growth of the business.
  5. We collaborate: we work well as a team, with good and regular communication every day.

We live our values every day and discuss them in each weekly team meeting. Each month we set a team goal around one of our values and our monthly incentive prize is given to the best performer.

Why work for us?

Our future vision is to become market leaders known for providing a great service and being easy to deal with, whilst:

  • Develop client base; building consultative and supportive relationships.
  • Expand the team; grow in size, but remain small.
  • Support all areas of change; people, process and technology.


We’ve always offered complete flexibility. We want our team to feel safe, challenged and able to be the best version of you!

Here is what our Director Carl says:



If this sounds good and you’re interested in joining the team, then get in touch with us!


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