Comprehensive Market Research for Strategic Expansion

A leading player in the Facilities Management (FM) sector was considering expanding into a new market segment. The client sought a thorough understanding of their competitors’ activities in the innovation market and wanted insights into the talent landscape.

Our Research Objectives

  1. Competitor Analysis: Identify and analyse competitors’ innovation strategies.
  2. Market Talent Assessment: Understand the talent dynamics and availability in the target market.
  3. Acquisition Opportunities: Evaluate the potential for strategic acquisitions as a growth path.

Research Methodology To achieve these objectives, we conducted comprehensive desk-based research utilising various sources, including:

  • Market intelligence reports and white papers
  • Competitor websites
  • Industry events and award ceremonies
  • External databases such as LinkedIn


Key Findings

  1. Competitor Innovations:
    • Hybrid Working Models: Post-COVID institutionalization of hybrid working, reshaping workplace dynamics.
    • Sustainability: Increased focus on ESG compliance and sustainable building practices.
    • Resilience and Business Continuity: Emphasis on adaptable workplaces and robust employee support systems.
    • Data-Driven Decision Making: Leveraging IoT, AI, and big data for enhanced decision-making and agility.
    • PropTech Revolution: Integration of property technology for improved building management and occupant experiences.
    • Operational Technology Integration: Combining OT and IT for smarter building management.
  2. Market Talent Insights:
    • High demand for roles in technology and innovation, particularly in the areas of digital transformation and sustainability.
    • Geographic hotspots for talent included major metropolitan areas with thriving tech ecosystems.
    • Talent acquisition strategies highlighted the importance of offering competitive packages and innovative work environments to attract top talent.
  3. Acquisition Landscape:
    • Several competitors had successfully pursued acquisitions to bolster their innovation capabilities.
    • Potential acquisition targets were identified, including smaller tech-driven FM companies and startups.
    • Strategic partnerships with technology providers also emerged as a viable growth strategy.

Next Steps Based on our findings, the client was advised to:

  • Focus on specific innovation sectors of interest.
  • Develop a clear strategy for entering the market, including talent acquisition and potential acquisitions.
  • Engage with industry events and networks to stay abreast of emerging trends and opportunities.


This research provided the client with a comprehensive overview of the competitive landscape, talent market, and acquisition opportunities, enabling informed decision-making for their strategic expansion.

Our ability to deliver actionable insights underscores our expertise in conducting thorough market research tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

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