Supporting a Global Centralisation Programme

We were engaged by a leading international business during a period of significant transformation. The programme demanded specialised skills that were not readily available within the existing workforce, necessitating the appointment of interim experts to fill critical roles.

The Challenge

Our client, a major player in the financial services industry, embarked on an ambitious two-year global centralisation programme. This initiative aimed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve service delivery across its worldwide operations. However, the client faced significant challenges.

Scope of Work:

  • Global centralisation programme support
  • Cyber security implementation
  • Programme change & communications management

Our Approach

To address these challenges, re:find collaborated closely with the Transformation Director to identify and place five interim consultants with the necessary expertise:

  1. Management Consultant for Cyber Security Implementation:
    • We placed a highly experienced Management Consultant to oversee the cyber security aspect of the centralisation programme. This role involved assessing current security measures, designing robust security frameworks, and ensuring compliance with global standards.
    • The consultant worked closely with the IT and risk management teams to implement advanced cyber security protocols, protecting the organisation from potential threats.
  2. Business Change Lead:
    • Understanding the scale and complexity of the centralisation programme, we provided a Business Change Lead to drive the transformation efforts. This consultant was responsible for managing the change process, engaging stakeholders, and ensuring alignment across different regions and functions.
    • The Business Change Lead developed and executed a comprehensive change management strategy, addressing resistance and facilitating smooth transitions.
  3. Cyber Project Managers:
    • To support the cyber security implementation, we placed two specialised Cyber Project Managers. These professionals managed the day-to-day activities of the cyber security projects, coordinating with various teams to ensure timely and effective delivery.
    • Their expertise was critical in navigating the technical and operational challenges of the programme, ensuring all cyber security objectives were met.
  4. Change Communications Lead:
    • Effective communication was crucial for the success of the global centralisation programme. We introduced a Change Communications Lead to develop and manage the programme’s communication channels.
    • The Change Communications Lead created targeted communication plans, ensuring all stakeholders were informed, engaged, and aligned with the programme’s goals. This role was essential in maintaining transparency and building trust throughout the organisation.


The strategic placement of these interim consultants brought significant benefits to the client’s centralisation programme:

  • Enhanced Cyber Security: The Management Consultant and Cyber Project Managers successfully implemented a robust cyber security framework, significantly reducing the risk of cyber threats and ensuring compliance with international security standards.
  • Effective Change Management: The Business Change Lead facilitated a smooth transition by addressing stakeholder concerns, managing resistance, and ensuring alignment across the global organisation.
  • Improved Communication: The Change Communications Lead’s efforts in managing the programme’s communication channels ensured that all stakeholders were well-informed and engaged, contributing to the overall success of the centralisation initiative.

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