HR Directors – Want to be more Director and less HR?

Posted on: 29/09/2017

For years now, HR executives have been getting a tough time in the business world…


On the one hand, they are frequently told that they need to be strategic and to operate at the top table, and on the other hand, they are lambasted for minor problems with issues such as terms and conditions, contracts, pay or disciplinaries.


Here’s the thing though – CEOs expect you and your team to deliver the core HR processes well, but they don’t care about these processes beyond the fact that they are done. What they really care about is growing the business, taking risks, innovating processes, retaining customers and leveraging technology.


Which leads me to the main point of this blog, if most HR directors want to be more Director and less HR, then why do they try to manage these sorts of projects themselves?


Imagine if there was an easy solution to free up your time and to help deliver the core HR processes well, whilst simultaneously allowing you to focus on the business strategy.


The answer may be a lot simpler than you think…


By hiring an Interim Executive, you will be able to do just that!


You see, with an Interim you will:

  • Always be able to quickly access the specific skills you are after and have a proven expert who can deliver on your behalf.
  • Get your projects delivered on time and to budget, without all the problems or administration you can experience with employees.
  • Be able to simply say “goodbye” when the project is complete, with no hard feelings.
  • Have more time to drive business strategy knowing that the operational issues are being sorted out.


If you would like to get the secrets to hiring the best Interim Talent in the market and find out more, give me a call to discuss this further.