All recruiters are liars

Recruiters are liars
Recruiters are liars

Don’t believe me? Type ‘recruiters are’into Google and see what autofill brings up…In actual fact, this blog isn’t even about terrible recruiters – far from it! You see, I have recently been reading Seth Godin’s book ‘all marketers are liars (storytellers…)’ which I would thoroughly recommend and it got me thinking about the modern role of a recruiter.

You see, I told a lie to get you here right now!

Or did I just embellish the truth with a story that made it more interesting for you to buy in to?
For me, the role of a recruiter has always been to take the drab job description that you have been given by HR and to make it into something interesting and exciting.

Everyone loves a good story, in fact, there are significant pieces of research that point to storytelling as being one of the most sought-after skills required in business over the next five years.

That said, most businesses put limited effort into understanding what their story is? And why would top talent want to join their business?

In today’s business environment, where information is out there and candidates have greater choice than ever, it is vital to get this narrative correct before commencing on a search.

Here at re:find, we work in conjunction executive teams to truly understand their story, the competencies that support this and what is a company’s unique selling point.

This ensures that we when we go to market during our research phase, we capture the candidate’s attention, create an emotional connection and engage candidates from the first contact. This is the value-add.

So, in my mind, all modern recruiters should be storytellers… what do you think?

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